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Leading solutions on ventilation and ground support

Strata Linings ensure the safety and efficiency of your work site.  See how we can support you by providing innovative solutions on ventilation and ground support problems to underground mines. We provide first class compliance, safety, environmental and quality standards to provide our customers with value adding services and products.

Explore our interactive world of mining and ventilation

Our interactive model highlights some of the potential challenges you may encounter every day across mining and construction projects. See how Strata Linings can support you with range of innovative solutions by reviewing our products below.

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Strata Linings unwavering commitment to innovation guarantees top-tier performance in our Ventilation Control Devices. With a dedicated team of specialist engineers, we excel in, designing, manufacturing, and customising devices to meet any specification or need.”
Strata Linings Ventilation Control Devices

Ground Support

Strata Linings offers comprehensive support for your project, leveraging a diverse array of ground control technologies to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. From lightweight fill to long-distance pumping methodologies, non-hazardous ground injection chemicals, and pumpable underground support pillars, we provide versatile solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Strata Linings ground control technologies

Mining Technical Services

Strata Linings team of engineers are experienced and ready to assist in Mining Engineering, Structural Engineering and Project Management and Execution. Strata Linings also has an inventory of equipment for hire. Please contact us for an up to date inventory equipment.

Strata Linings Mining Structural Engineering

For the full details of our services and capabilities, please get in touch with our team.