Flexible Stoppings

We are the leading supplier of flexible stoppings in the underground mining industry. Strata Blast Curtains are purpose produced, quality rated and approved FRAS fabric VCDs that can be supplied in standard kit form or customised for any job.
Strata Linings Flexible Stopping
Strata Linings Flexible Sealants

Flexible Sealants

StrataRubber, the new spray-able rubber, builds out like shotcrete or plaster but is dustless, non-hazardous and Fire Resistant-Anti Static. StrataRubber fully adheres to the surface in which it is applied providing a flexible longwearing membrane.

Seals and Bulkheads

The Engineers at Strata Linings understand that all operations are different and require unique solutions. We have developed the most effective seals to suit various underground conditions. Strata Linings is an installer of Concrete Mine Structures’ revolutionary StrataPlug.
Strata Linings Bulkhead

Steel Ventilation Control Devices

Strata Linings provides the industry with the highest performing and practical Steel Ventilation Control Devices and Steel Mine Structures available. Our network has the skills required to engineer, design and modify any structure.

Ventilation Ducting

‘StrataDuct’ consists of Australian manufactured textiles and is fabricated by Strata Linings. Our in-house fabrication ensures your ducting is of the highest quality and complies with all legislative FRAS requirements. Fabrication is customized to suit your sites dimensions.
Strata Duct Ventilation Ducting

For the full details of our services and capabilities, please get in touch with our team.