Mine Seals and Bulkheads

StrataPlug Seals

The Ultimate Seal and Bulkhead Solution for Underground Conditions

Strata Linings proudly presents StrataPlug Seals, the most effective seal designed to suit various underground conditions. Developed using innovative technology and engineered fill material ‘Stratafill’, StrataPlug is the pioneer in foamed concrete plug seals in Australia, offering unparalleled advantages over traditional seals within the underground industry.

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Key Features

Versatility and Additional Functions

The versatility of StrataPlug extends beyond sealing applications. The system can also be used for various functions including take-off pillars, void filling, roadway concreting and repair, pumpable standing supports, and much more, providing a comprehensive solution for underground operations.

Experience the Difference

Discover the superior performance and cost-saving benefits of StrataPlug for your underground sealing and bulkhead construction needs. Contact us today to learn more about how StrataPlug can elevate the safety and efficiency of your mining operations.

For the full details of our services and capabilities, please get in touch with our team.